Give it away, give it away, give it away now…

So you may or may not have found the giveaway requirements hiding somewhere here on the blog yet…but I decided in the meantime to make a multi-dimensional giveaway. Let me explain! I picked up this delicious, soft skein of Quince and Co’s Lark, a worsted weight yarn in the color Nasturtium (a nice, carroty orange). Perfect for fall.

“Alicia, but where is this yarn coming from?” you might ask…I’m so glad you did! Quince and co’s company is based right out of Portland, Maine, and uses wool sourced in the US. In their words:

We offer wool yarns that are sourced and spun in the US. Known in the trade as “territory wool,” our fiber comes from Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep that roam the ranges of Montana and Wyoming. All our wool and wool-blend yarns are spun in a New England mill with a venerable history. By sourcing our wool in the US and manufacturing our yarn locally, we minimize our carbon footprint.

I just want to add that for being a “Made in America” kind of company, their prices are very reasonable. My friend Ange picked up two fat skeins of Puffin in Marsh for her first knitting project. It’s going to be gorgeous. I highly reccomend starting with this yarn for a new knitter because it knits up fast and is so,so soft! Ah, but I digress…

So here’s the deal on the giveaway- Quince and Co. didn’t sponsor me in any way. (Gosh, I WISH!)

 I went to Knitwit and bought this myself. (If you’d like to skip the giveaway and go straight over to Knitwit, it’s a lovely store: and you can also go here to check out Quince and Co’s great yarn: !

 I may go back and get more to make Rebekah rainboot liners (see my Little Bean Rainboot Liner Pattern on ravelry if you’re curious).  The prize is your choice: If you’re a knitter, you might want me to mail you this yummy skein as IS, so you can knit with it. If you’re not (orjustdon’thavetime) you can request that I knit this up into a pair of cute little orange fingerless mittens for fall.

Why fingerless mittens? Well, the yardage matches the project size. They’re great for fall, for walking your dog, taking a jog with your stroller (and child!) and those chilly days when real mittens or gloves just aren’t necessary yet.

Won’t you feel great walking around with a nice soft piece of American economy on your hands, literally? Keep searching all the posts for more giveaway info!