Wash your hands (of buying foreign)

Ugh! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been buying American a lot and I know I need to post it to you guys- things have just been crazy with R starting preschool and trying to keep up on housework. Iwontaddtherearefruitfliesinmycar. Not sure why. ANYWAYS, I’ve been finding that it’s not as difficult to buy American as I previously thought!

When I was wandering around Rite Aid the other day on a diaper run, I came across this really nice hand soap and lotion by J.R. Watkins. The lotion retails for 8.99 and the soap retails for about 5.99. But who wants to spend 15$ on hand soap and lotion for the house? Notme. If you were to go to Rite Aid this week, however, and you have a rewards card (free) you can get a bottle of each for 3$ total. Each bottle also has a 1.00$ off coupon on it, which makes your grand spending total .50 per item! Plus, it’s made in the US and for those of you who are earth conscious:  Ammonia Free, Animal Testing Free, Anxiety Free, Guilt Free, Bleach Free, Phosphate Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free. 🙂


Another tip on buying US: Just because something has an American business address on it doesn’t mean it’s made and/or sourced here. There should be a small bold label on it that says “MADE IN USA” or something similar. “Manufactured for” “Made Exclusively for” and similar mean it’s not American. Tropicana Orange Juice shocked me when I looked on their label and saw that some of the oranges are from South Africa, whereas Florida’s Natural (same price, competitive taste) are sourced completely in Florida. What have you been buying and finding from our country?