Merino Cool…

So during my latest shopping trip to Target for diapers and such, I got lured over to the beauty section. One of my fave brands is Essie, because the little bottles are justsocute and the colors are gorgeous. I came across a color called “Merino Cool” (ok.  My friend Melissa tipped me off to it and I went out looking for it. Notgonnalie). Anyways, it’s such a fun fall color, and so neutral. Looks like it’ll go with anything. Oh, it’s from last season? Well! Didn’t anyone tell you that I love to knit? How can I NOT buy a nail polish named after one of my favorite wool fibers?


I flipped the bottle over, praying it wasn’t made in China. Guess what? Essie nail polish is made right here in the US! Go buy yourself a bottle. Treat your toes (or nails if you aren’t a biter like me) to some colorful, fall-inspired economic stimulation-girly style.