Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with…(hint: not Orbit gum)

Halloween is coming up, and for all you parents that are justsoexcited about the amount of sugar your little ones will probably consume, I thought I would do a post on American made Halloween costumes. Although most the parents I know make theirs. But then again, not everyone celebrates Halloween. But everyone DOES eat food. Some eat candy. So let’s focus on how to keep our teeth healthy, along with the American economy (and the planet!) during a season of feasting and treats!

I came across these toothbrushes by a brand called Preserve.  Ps, they make more than just toothbrushes. Anyways, they’re actually made out of recycled yogurt containers and fun things like that. They’re BPA free, you can recycle them again AFTER you’ve used them, made right here in the US, etc. etc. On top of that, they’ll look very sleek and bright in yourbathroom. I’m sorry, but all the fancy bristles on some toothbrushes don’t really seem to make a difference to me. I think it’s more about if you actuallybrushthefulltwominutes. 

 The children’s versions are cute, too, and you can even subscribe to get them regularly replaced in the mail for 13.00 on their website. One less thing to check off on the grocery list…

And let’s talk about price. The Preserve toothbrushes are 3.29 each, versus an Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrush at 4.99. Isn’t it nice when US products are equally priced or CHEAPER than their counterparts?

If you want to get really local, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is also a US based company. Their toothpastes don’t taste like chemicals. They taste like actual mint, or spearmint, and your mouth feels reallyreallyclean after brushing… Their ingredients are all naturally sourced and this is a company that is big on stewardship, re: good ecological practices. A tube of this ranges from 3.69 to 3.99, which is also competitive with Colgate or Crest.

For more info you can go to www.preserveproducts.com and www.tomsofmaine.com

Smile big, now!