California, baby

ImageSo it’s not exactly part of the Christmas presents list, but two years ago my mother in law got our daughter, Rebekah, a bottle of bubblebath by a brand called California Baby. It was made with Eucalyptus for when she was sick.  This stuff is amazing! And how adorable is the fact that it comes with a bubble wand for tubby time?

During this time of year chances are your kid is going to end up with dry skin. Ellie (our 10 month old) had a terrible case of dry skin, with a bit of baby eczema thrown in there (at least, that’s what our pediatrician thought). So I went out to Target, which carries this brand, and found their Calendula cream:


Within 2 days her dry skin has cleared up. Calendula is amazing stuff-

it’s related to the marigold and has a ton of medicinal properties. Studies suggest this includes anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. I’ll tell you one thing, it works on Ellie’s skin. And Rebekah’s. And MINE!

I have wicked sensitive skin too, and I use this on my face before bed at night. One little tub lasts quite a while and it works wonders!

Remember how I had said before that I think that most American based companies these days seem to have a very responsible way of doing things? California baby products are vegan, non toxic, non synthetic, hypoallergenic, organic, and sustainably grown. All that from such a small bottle. FUN! Take pride in knowing that while you’re rubbing this on your baby’s skin (oryours!) you’re also ramping up US jobs.

Find it here:

and please, do forgive my run-on sentences and ramblings. It’s early in the morning, I’m half awake, and about to hit up the gym and drop one kid off at preschool! (Iwouldn’thaveitanyotherway)