Your Christmas Wishlist…

Shopping feels good. Really good. But buying American feels even better!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in buying American is in the clothing industry- it’s nearly impossible to find stuff made in the US, let alone cute, up-to-date, fitted, flattering stuff. Maybe you don’t want to shop online only for clothing–you want to try it on. See the fit, the feel of the fabric, how does it sit when you move? One store I found at our local mall, Francesca’s Collections, carries a TON of US made clothing. I had passed by this place a million times thinking it was an accessories only store (the storefront has mostly accessories on display) until my friend Angie told me about it. On top of that, it has a lot of different styles, so you can choose something that suits you.

The Grand Entrance dress is nicely balanced and gives off a vintagey feel of days gone by:

But if you’re looking for something more simple, the Place in the Sun Dress is elegant and basic (though I’d like to see it with a chunky belt!) 

But maybe you don’t want a dress. I live in a part of Maine where holiday parties involving cocktail dresses aren’t the norm. This is more up my alley:

I seriously love this sweater.

Or a shirt for lounging around the house.

I mean, I could keep posting more and more stuff, but you should really go to the website to check it out.

 Just take a quick peek at the tag to see if it’s from the US, because they carry imported also. Readyforthebestpart? Everything I shared on this post today is under 50$.

And thank you for your patience with my horrible formatting. I’m bad at setting this stuff up, but I’m good at finding and buying American! Check your closet! Do you have anything made in the US?