Saving Dough, the American Way

Since it’s so close to Christmas, I’ll be ramping up my posting to help you guys in the buy-local department as much as I possibly can.

My friend Jen runs this amazing blog, called My Little Avocado. She has these incredible recipes that are simple and healthy like the glazed chocolate avocado cupcakes, or the zesty italian chicken fingers. Another one that sounds great is the banana burrito with kiwi salsa.

Anyways, I entered this scarf design contest (knitting) and I’m pretty sure I didn’t win. I hear they’re still deciding on the last few slots but that there’s a ton of good entries. I’m sure! So to distract myself from checking my email compulsively I decided to make cookies off Jen’s blog.  The picture’s not mine, it’s Jen’s, and if you click on it it will bring you straight to the recipe. Hooray!

“What does this have to do with buying American?” you may ask. Well, it’s 100% American if you use ingredients made in the US. My favorite is King Arthur Flour. Even the wheat they use to make it comes from local fields. The batch yields at least 24 cookies…and who really needs 24 cookies?

Do yourself a favor, and freeze the dough. Then, whip it out of the fridge right before Christmas, pop it in the oven, find a cute locally made tin, and tah-dah! You’ve saved some dough (literally…and metaphorically).