Americanizing the Un-American

So chances are you have a ton of stuff in your house that wasn’t made in the US. I’m going to use three common household items to demonstrate: your dishwasher, a keurig, and perhaps a scentsy warmer. All of these things in my house were imported. So how can I use a foreign item to the advantage of the American economy?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Buy American products that correlate with your product! My favorite dishwasher tabs right now are by the Method Corporation. The website says 5.99 for 20 of them, but I get them at Hannaford for the exact same price as Cascade dishwasher tabs which are imported. They also come in a really great Pink Grapefruit scent (whichdoesn’tsmelllikegrapefruits) but it still smells amazing.

 Method makes an entire line of cleaning products that are priced similarly or equal to imported ones. The visual aesthetics are nice too, with simple lettering and sleek bottles. The smells are good and the company upholds many ethical and ecological standards in their practice. Hannaford and Target are two stores that you can easily find this stuff.

If you’re like me, you NEED your morning coffee pretty quickly. I love my Keurig, but it’s made in China. Again, all I have to do is buy American-made k-cups out of American coffee. While many coffees are imported from warmer climates, Hawaii is one place in the US where coffee is grown and sourced. When I visited the Island of Kauai (oneofthesmalleroutlyingislands) there were fields and fields of coffee bushes. If you do buy K-cups, try to find some that say “Kona” coffee on them, sourced from Hawaii. Green Mountain Coffee carries some of these.

On to the Scentsy. Walking into a house that not only looks but smells amazing is always a nice experience. (just to clarify-IhadtocleanmyhousewhenIgotthis). My good friend Melissa recently mailed me a Scentsy warmer and some wax bars to heat in it. She included a little message that the Scentsy wouldn’t have arrived it time, but included some wax by Better Homes & Gardens that smells just as nice. Now Scentsy bars are produced in two places: Meridian, Ohio, and France. Try to ask your consultant to get you the extra info as to where each scent is produced just to be on the safe side. (I could be wrong, but I pulled this info straight off their website). The Better Homes & Gardens wax bars are also made in the US and smell just as good!

Try to look around your house for other appliances or products that need add-ons to work, and check the labels. There are lots of ways to buy American this Christmas, especially during the Holiday season (and cleanup afterward!)