Victoria’s Secret Exposed

Okay- I know, I know. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t need ANY more exposure than they already have, both in media or on the models themselves, but I found something surprising during my last trip in. (CanIjustsayIlovegiftcards?)

Many of their beauty and perfume products are made and manufactured here in the US. I honestly didn’t expect to find ANYTHING from the US in this store, to be honest. I’ve seen enough tags on my bras to know that they prefer India and Indonesia for their clothing.

But who knew about the fragrance? I picked up a plumping lip gloss (that workes very, very well incidentally) and an eyeliner both from here in America.

If you head to VS and are looking to find US made things, one word of advice: check your labels. One eyeliner is produced here while another is overseas.

Finding American products in big chains like VS gives me a lot of hope. What about you? Have you been surprised to find something made here that you didn’t expect?