Dancing in Puddles/ Pattern Giveaway!

Happy First Day of Spring! It’s gorgeous here in Maine and the snow is almost gone. I remember last year it was still freezing…

So, maybe you’re one of the knitters that follows my blog. And maybe, just maybe you’ve got some worsted yarn kicking around. Not enough for a sweater, though.  It’s getting too warm for scarves and you really might be tired of socks. Especially the foot part. Meet Dancing in Puddles, my latest design. They’re stirrupped rainboot liners for spring. They add the cutest pop of color for those dreary days, and the bottoms are open so your feet don’t get too warm in those boots. Think legwarmers that stay put.

By the way, head on over to the pattern page on ravelry, like and queue this pattern, then comment here that you did and I’ll enter you to win a free copy of the pattern! If you share this with someone else (via fb or ravelry forums) I’ll enter you twice 🙂 Just make sure to post here that you did!!!

Antonio over at Malabrigo (www.malabrigoyarn.com) was kind enough to send me two gorgeous, velvety skeins of superwash (re: machine washable!) merino in Rios.

And Nichole, my dear friend who is a wonderful dancer, was kind enough to model them for me: Photo credit to Maria Jane Photography 🙂