Let littles stay little…

So sorry I haven’t posted in a while…we had, um, little children and computer related difficulties. Needless to say, no children will be near the new computer. EVERRRR.

I have been busy buying American products that I’m so excited to share with you, and I’m starting in one of my favorite categories: yarn!

I think too many of the clothing items out there for little girls are too grown-up. Cropped shirts, miniskirts…all these things are advertised in the popular stores, for children my daughter’s age. (She’s 3!) And yes, that is an awesome handmade triangular longhouse in our yard. All the pictures were taking by my good friend Maria Valeriani.


I wanted to design something fun and functional for my daughter now that spring is here, but I wanted it to be childlike and magical too. Hence, Spritely, a sweet little capelet reminiscent of Red Riding Hood and fairy tales was born.


You can find that pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/alicia-plummer

But there’s more to the story! Let me tell you about the yarn. If you’re not a knitter I expect you’ve tuned out by now…

I spun up some wool for my friend Sarah. As a thank you, she mailed me an absolutely gorgeous skein of sock yarn. Her etsy is here:


The colors are amazing, and the softness is incredible. This one reminds me of the hot summer sun-


If you buy a skein of her sock yarn, I will gift you the Spritely pattern for free!

Anyways- she is a great example of a hardworking mom. She’s sweet, and everything is done right at her house! If that’s not putting American dollars into the pocket of American workers, I don’t know what is.