Spinning by the Woodstove


Ah, it’s that time of year. Christmas is over, and I really enjoy slowing down (though, in all honesty: Idefinitelyhaven’t)…this means setting aside time to spin yarn, too, instead of just knitting it.

There are those days when the snow rushes down in thick clusters full of snowflakes, and the only thin line separating you from the outside world is your drafty windowpanes. The woodstove roars as you stock it with wood, and despite the wind and snow, there is a silence. These days make me crave something simple, something that is going to comfort. Something local, and something most certainly natural.IMG_6018

I got my hands on a sampler pack of wool from Friends in Fiber (http://www.etsy.com/shop/FriendsinFiber), run by Jan and Peg. They’re so sweet and I had actually drooled over some of their top over a year ago at a NH sheep and wool festival. The sampler pack is great for me as a spinner for many reasons:

I get bored spinning the same fiber for a while- the sampler had 5 different kinds of fiber in it! It was so fun, so I spun them to get about 162 yards of sportweight single-ply. I spun them from darkest to lightest, too, so it’s a nice little self-colorblocking skein. Here are some pictures:

ImageYou can tell this fiber just loves being near quilts!

I skeined it up on the Ashford Noddy:

And wah lah!

Click through to friends in fiber’s website, leave a comment telling me which of their colors or fibers you’d like to try most, and I’ll enter you to win this skein!!! 🙂


xoxo Until later