I’m a stay at home mother of two little girls–my little Plums. A toddler and a baby. Also have a yellow lab named Cooper the Asshole. He’s earned his own title (think Marley & Me equivalent).  We live on a farmhouse in rural Maine and I’m blessed to have a wonderful, hardworking husband who is supportive of our adventures! My cooking is decent, my house is messy, my garden is mediocre, and my knitting is great (we won’t mention the cleanliness of my car).

In our family, we place a lot of importance on buying local and supporting local businesses. I’d like to see more of that.

I think that a big reason many Americans don’t buy local products (or US made products) is because they don’t know where to find them, or they find that they are too expensive. I’m hoping to bridge that gap with this blog by spotlighting and reviewing different American products & companies.

I think that grace and forgiveness are two of the most important things in life (ThankyouJesus!) and am trying to be a good “steward” of my finances (ie, responsible buyer).