Americanizing the Un-American

So chances are you have a ton of stuff in your house that wasn’t made in the US. I’m going to use three common household items to demonstrate: your dishwasher, a keurig, and perhaps… Continue reading

Saving Dough, the American Way

Since it’s so close to Christmas, I’ll be ramping up my posting to help you guys in the buy-local department as much as I possibly can. My friend Jen runs this amazing blog,… Continue reading

Your Christmas Wishlist…

Shopping feels good. Really good. But buying American feels even better! One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in buying American is in the clothing industry- it’s nearly impossible to find stuff made… Continue reading

California, baby

So it’s not exactly part of the Christmas presents list, but two years ago my mother in law got our daughter, Rebekah, a bottle of bubblebath by a brand called California Baby. It was made with… Continue reading

That’s a Good Point…

I was on another Buy American blog recently: And thought, wow, Randy has a really great point about Christmas trees. Maybe you don’t like the smell of real ones, or the mess they… Continue reading

They put the joy in Joico Like most women, I have spent lots of time going from product to product, looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. You know, the one that will leave your hair perfectly soft… Continue reading

Little American House

So I just found this house, built completely of American products: The total cost, according to the builder, Mr. Lewendal, is only 1-2% higher than it would be if certain parts of… Continue reading

Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with…(hint: not Orbit gum)

Halloween is coming up, and for all you parents that are justsoexcited about the amount of sugar your little ones will probably consume, I thought I would do a post on American made… Continue reading


Another way to get some updated clothing without buying foregin is by upcycling your old stuff…Thanks to pinterest, you can get lots of great ideas. I hurt my hands knitting somehow, so I… Continue reading

Mrs. Plummer’s Famous Haddock Chowder

That was my facebook status. And okay, I had to admit, my friend Jessie was dazzled. “You can knit and you have a famous chowder?” she commented. I must reply honestly…the only person… Continue reading